How to Do Prostate Massage with your Partner

When he finally finds his G-spot after a long search and starts, you cannot stop biting into the pillow. Since it is only appropriate to give him the same satisfaction, right? As with a prostate massage!  After all, this tiny gland is considered the male G-spot.

Granted, the prostate massage has long been a taboo topic. It is correspondingly difficult for many couples to approach stimulation via the anus. Do not worry, if you’ve read this step-by-step guide, you’ll be sure to go to work and make it a legend for you with a one-time massage. You will also be sure about the best places to get a prostate massage. Have fun trying!

This is how you find his P-spot

The prostate is a roughly chestnut-sized gland. It is located five to seven centimeters in the anus on the anterior intestinal wall, just behind the testicles. The prostate is enclosed by a thin membrane. The easiest way to feel it is to penetrate its anus with a slightly curved finger.

The right preparation

The area around the gonad is sensitive. Therefore, you should shorten your fingernails before the massage and put off your jewelry. Plus: Thoroughly wash your hands to prevent bacteria from entering your body via its anus. First deal with his dam (perineum) – this is the area between the testicles and the anus. By gentle stroking or pressing your lover can relax and get in the mood. Of course, if you like, you can also use your tongue for it.

Before it gets down to it, put some lubrication on your finger and massage the anus with it. So you can prepare him for the gentle intrusion. A luxurious, natural and water-based lubricant is available.

Let’s go: time for the massage!

You have two options: indirect prostate massage and direct stimulation. For the entry variant one is ideal. Have you slowly groped your way, quietly try the direct way.

Instructions for indirect prostate massage

Indirect prostate massage is dedicated exclusively to your embankment. So you do not penetrate his anus with a finger or a sex toy, but you stay outside of it. The perfect pressure point you usually recognize that he is hairless. Behind this spot hides the prostate.

You can now stroke, press or rub this region with your fingers. Many men go mad with pleasure when they start scratching with their fingertips because your other hand is free, enclose it in addition to his penis and excite him even more. By the way, you can also use a finger vibrator for the indirect massage.

Instructions for direct prostate massage

You can also stimulate the prostate directly inside the anus. Penetrate with a curved finger and lubricating gel! Once you have felt the gland, you can gently circle it with your fingertip. Vary the intensity and apply gentle pressure to the P-point again and again. If the anus is stretched enough, you can take a second finger and massage the gland with your index and middle finger. Or you introduce an anal toy and stimulate his P-Spot.

Either way, your partner will cling to the sheet with excitement! Surprise him with the next lovemaking with just one of the two variants and slowly approach the anal play. One thing is certain: you will both have fun!

The point that turns off his brain

The prostate or the male G-spot can give the man a more intense orgasm, which comes close to the female climax. This is possible with a prostate massage. How this massage works is explained in this article.

Prostate massage: Where is the prostate and how can I stimulate it?

The prostate gland is about a chestnut-sized gland, which is located under the bladder of the man and surrounds the urethra. Above all, it is responsible for the production of seminal fluid and therefore only occurs in the male body. The prostate can only be felt directly by the anus. For many men, the prostate massage is therefore initially out of the question. Because this zone is absolutely taboo for the partner and connected with shame. When doing a massage of the prostate, there are a few things to keep in mind.

You should pay attention to this during a prostate massage

Agreement: As beautiful as a prostate massage can be: do not surprise it with it under any circumstances. The butt is as already mentioned in many men a taboo zone, so you should definitely have a conversation with your loved one before the massage, if he really wants to try it out.

Hygiene: Make sure that you have clean hands for the prostate massage. It is also important to first cut your fingernails as short as possible to minimize possible bowel injuries. If you would like to do without direct contact with your rectum, you can also put a condom over your finger.

It has to slip: Since the intestine – unlike, for example, the vagina – does not make its own lubricant, using lubricants is absolutely necessary to make the experience as pleasant as possible for him.

This is how the prostate massage works

Do you know what does a prostate massager do? If your partner has consented to a prostate massage, you should take your time. Because a prostate massage requires exercise, rest and feeling. When the time comes, take the best, spend a lot of time, apply perfume, and dress sexy. Celebrate the moment together and massage your whole body to relax. With massage oil you begin to pamper his body, massaging his arms, his back, his legs and now and then his butt. After a certain time, you focus more and more on his buttocks. Not too long, but long enough for him to like it and get used to the touches there. If he is relaxed, you can venture further.

For the prostate massage, insert your finger slowly and carefully into his butt. Push your knee between his legs and caress his testicles. The prostate is about five to seven centimeters behind the intestinal exit and can be felt as a slight curvature towards the abdominal wall. If you do not find them right away, do not despair. Let your partner give you feedback, because he will feel when you have found the right job.

Once you have found the gland, you can start gently with the prostate massage. For example, move your finger gently back and forth, even circular movements can provide great pleasure. Again, you should get feedback from your partner, which he likes.

The indirect prostate massage

The little sister of direct prostate massage is the indirect prostate massage. This type of stimulation is generally more popular with men and can easily be used as an introduction.

Here the dam – the area between the testicles and the anus – is massaged. Because over this place sits the prostate. Here you can often work with a little more pressure, because the prostate is not directly behind the dam, but there is some tissue in between. A positive aspect of the external prostate massage is that it can be performed easily and without much preparation during sexual intercourse. And here, too, no great warning is needed. Try it. He will thank you.