Knowing Your Animal Spirit — A Guide to Choosing the Right Tail Plug

If you like to bark, squeal, purr, or neigh during sex or pet play, you can enhance your animal roleplay experience with tail butt plugs. However, which type of butt plug is the best choice for you? Take a look at this guide to choosing the right tail plug!

Pet Play or Just Regular, Cute, Anal Pleasure

Animal tail plugs are some of the most popular toys for intense pet play as well as for cute anal play. If you want to take your anal play to new heights and experience something truly wild, these spectacular sex toys will definitely help you to unleash your spirit animal!

Generally, this type of anal plug consists of two parts: a plug and a tail. You can get a standard butt plug made of medical-grade silicone, stainless steel, or another material, and a faux or real fur tail that attaches to its base. Once inserted, the toy will produce the usual intense sensations of butt plugs. They’ll create a feeling of fullness. However, the addition of a tail can provide unique mental and physical stimulation. Besides making you look sexy, wild, or innocent, they can allow you to behave like your favorite animal.

What’s more, there are a lot of different types available, from popular fox tail variants to raccoon tails. The trick is to use one that matches your preference or fetish and suits your animal role the best. Take a look below to learn about some of the hottest animal tail plugs.

Fox Tails 

Fox tails are the most popular. This type offers a furry and fluffy tail that is around ten to 40 inches long. These tails are available in multiple colors in order to resemble the look of various foxes. The most common tails have a red or brown color. They can even include fur patterns or shades. However, it’s possible to find white, gray, pink, or rainbow-colored fox tail plugs! These plugs emphasize the sly, mysterious, and flirtatious characteristics of wild foxes. That’s why this tail type is the perfect thing, ideal for anything from light pet play to rough anal domination!

Raccoon Tails

Raccoons actually have some traits that make them perfect for animal role-play. They are disobedient, reckless, and aggressive. If you love anal training and any sort of sub and dom dynamic, this is definitely the tail for you! Raccoon tail plugs are always striped, and you can find them in several color combinations. That includes the standard black/white variant as well as other striped combinations like dark brown, light brown, yellow, white, etc. 

If you are into domestication scenarios and you like to put up a fight, this tail will transform you into a savage raccoon that can drive its master/trainer insane!

Cat Tails

Kittens are independent creatures that can be adorable and annoying at the same time. Because of this, kitten role-play is one of the naughtiest things you can try in the bedroom! Since there are so many different breeds of cats, the options here are endless. You’ll be able to find plugs that are up to 12 inches long and are available in various colors. That includes brown, black, white, tiger-striped, etc. This is certainly the sexiest choice for women, and if you’re too naughty, just remember that you’ll have nine lives to take all the punishment you can get from your owner!

Dog Tails

Silicone dog tails are much shorter compared to furry tails. This toy resembles a dog or puppy tail that can flex to create authentic wagging action. It can turn you into an adorable and loyal creature who will do anything to please its master!

One thing to note here is that the plug portion of this toy can be quite large. This is fantastic for lovers of brutal anal play. Still, new pups can try smaller plugs with dog tails that are made of silicone or metal. Once inserted, your owner can stroke your tail or give you a spanking, depending on how well you behave.

Pig Tails 

What if you want to be used as a worthless and nasty little fuck pig? Pig tail plugs will surely get you there! Yet, they can also allow you to express the gentle side of these incredibly intelligent creatures. Pig tail plugs always follow the curved shape of real pig tails, and they almost always come in pink. The insertable portion of the plug has a cone shape as opposed to the standard teardrop shape. This will make penetration feel a bit different but will also allow you to use the plug for double penetration and other kinks.

Horse Tails

Yee-haw! Horse tails are the essential toy for pony or equine play. They will work wonders for taming and dressage! If you’re wild, unpredictable, strong, but still devoted to your owner, you should consider this role-play. This tail plug is not as fluffy compared to the other variants. In fact, it uses high-grade imitation hair to achieve a sleek and straight look of real horse tails. It’s a perfect addition to all sorts of dressage games, from mounting to wild riding. Ponyplay can allow you to mix pleasure and pain and explore the unique connection between people and horses!

Rabbit Tails

If you’re a pet play newbie, it may be best to start off with something smaller, like a furry rabbit tail plug. This plug contains a fluffy, soft, and round tail. It emphasizes the innocence and speed of an adorable bunny!

The tail is available in various sizes and colors, including white and gray. If you want to hop around on all fours, this tail will feel incredibly comfortable, but it will also feel fantastic during sex. If you’re really feeling kinky, both you and your partner can wear one during sex to see if you can really “fuck like rabbits”!

Making Sure It Is Safe to Use

Before you make your choice, it’s crucial to note that tail plugs and most anal toys require some maintenance before and after use. Here’s what you should look for:

  • A flared base is essential. It prevents the plug from getting stuck inside your anus.
  • Silicone and rubber materials are the best for firm tail plugs (puppy, pig).
  • Steel or glass materials are ideal for furry plugs (fox, raccoon, cat).
  • Lubricant is essential. You’ll need a product that won’t damage the material of your toy (e.g., water-based lube for silicone toys).
  • Stick to non-toxic and body-safe materials that do not absorb bacteria.
  • You’ll need to clean your toy before and after each use.

When you get your new toy, you should inspect it to make sure everything is in order. Then, you can slowly insert and remove it to test it. If wearing a butt plug is too intense for you, it might be better to prepare for it with fingers or an anal training kit. Also, note that you should only wear your plug for two or three hours to avoid irritation and soreness.

The Bottom Line

So which one is your favorite? Pick the best tail plug that matches your spirit animal and have fun playing!