What can I say! It was an amazing experience! You can be rest assured that you will have a mind-blowing orgasm!


It was an amazing erotic experience and I orgasmed for the first time without using a vibrator


I am celebrating the feeling that despite the changes my body has gone through because of my age at 55 I am still a sensual woman. My husband and I are over the moon.


It was a very pleasurable experience. My husband actually bought it for me as a gift and preferred to not be a part of the treatment. By sharing the experience with my husband our sexual relationship has improved but more importantly my confidence in myself and my sexuality has increased. I encourage you to take some time and explore the world of anal toys.


I am grateful that I saw the article in this website, as otherwise I would never have come across the idea of using anal plugs for pleasure. However I felt it important to do my own research prior to buying an anal plug. I cannot put into words how good I found the experience that I got. Having previously provided my preferences, this also helped me to feel more at ease and relaxed. It was intimate, sensual and erotic and it felt liberating to be the centre of attention and allow myself to receive this treatment. Juggling an often stressful and demanding job, alongside busy home and family commitments, this was my special time.