What can I say! It was an amazing experience! You can be rest assured that you will have a mind-blowing orgasm if  you follow their advises regarding BDSM!

It was an amazing erotic experience and I had orgasm for the first time without using a vibrator. I’m very excited to try the suggested BDSM scenes using sex toys!


I am celebrating the feeling that despite the changes my body has gone through because of my age at 55 I am still a extreme woman. My husband and I are over the moon as we followed the easy-to-follow guides in this site. Thank you so much, Amir!


It was a very pleasurable experience. My husband actually referred this site to me as a surprise and I did not regret my decision to follow the guides here even for a bit. It was an extreme but SAFE experience for us! It has improved our sexual relationship but more importantly my confidence in myself and my sexuality has increased. I encourage you to take some time and explore the world of BDSM through this site!


I am grateful that I saw the articles in this website, as otherwise I would never have come across the idea of engaging BDSM using anal plugs for pleasure. I felt it important to do my own research prior to buying an anal plug and thus, it led me here. I cannot put into words how good I found the experience that I got. It was intimate, sensual and erotic and it felt liberating to be the centre of attention and allow myself to receive this treatment. Juggling an often stressful and demanding job, alongside busy home and family commitments, this was my special time.