The World of Butt Plugs


a butt plug is a specific type of sex
toy which is inserted into the anus of a
man or woman some people use them for
sexual satisfaction and pleasure other
to use them to train their anus in the
lead up to full-on anal penetration and
many people use them for a mix of both
in terms of shape they come in many
different material shapes and sizes but
for the most part they are designed to
fit the contours of the anal rectal
passage and they will always have a
flared base it’s important to only use
dedicated butt plugs for anal play if
you’re a beginner to Daniel player you
should start with a small butt plug and
build up your experience until you can
move to a medium size or larger anal
play is amazing for men because of the
existence of the pee spot which is the
prostate gland the longer heavier and
more dramatic the plugs curve the better
it can push against the prostate
vibrating butt plugs are also available
which can make for incredible sensations
for women a butt plug creates pressure
on the back vaginal wall increasing the
level of sensation she experiences when
vaginally penetrated by a dildo vibrator
or her partner’s penis many women also
enjoy using a butt plug while receiving
oral sex at climax sensations in the
anal area feel more intense than when
not wearing a book club and the nerve
endings around the owners are often
both dogs are also used by couples to
enhance mutual sensation when the female
inserts a cock plug the amount of space
in the pelvis is reduced and as a result
the vagina feels tighter this will give
her incredible sensation the firmer
pressure and additional texture provided
by a butt plug also makes the vagina
feel different and seriously pleasurable
for the guy when penetrating her butt
plugs are designed to stay inserted
giving continuous low friction
pleasurable pressure while you’re busy
doing other things for lesbian ladies
why not try vaginal penetration using
fingers oral sex or wearing a harness
while you both also wear a butt plug so
many fun possibilities for men of all
orientations it is simply amazing to
receive a bj or a handjob while the
receiver is wearing an anal plug the
climax is intensified and you could even
try pulling out the plug just as you
near that big ol moment for an
incredible experienced that takes
practice but practice makes perfect
Lube needs to be your best friend in any
anal play and this will always be the
case as the anal area does not self
lubricate like the vagina does always
use an annual specific Lube if possible
as these are usually of a thicker
consistency if at any stage you feel
discomfort from inserting a book club
carefully remove it and if you notice
bleeding seek medical assistance anal
play is fun but a measured approach
needs to be taken so always start with
the size you’re comfortable with
all sex toys should be cleaned after use
with a sex toy specific cleaning spray
it is important not to share toys
especially anal toys as the risk of
bacterial and STD infection is
heightened if you plan on sharing an
anal toy use a condom over it before
inserting and they scarred the condom
after use